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A little bit about my services.


Nature is as real as it gets. I am completely devoted to displaying natural elements such as wildlife, plants, forests and etc. And you cant go wrong with nature when you live in a city like Guelph, Ontario. 


The most interesting object for a photographer has got to be another human. There are just too many factors to keep in mind such as pose, background, light, makeup and especially the mood.


 With the proper planning and market research, my commercial photography comes out pretty creative! With proper advertising using just the right pictures, you can win the hearts of your target audiences.


Wedding photography has got to be up there in fun! Capturing amazingly dressed people in their natural state of happiness, celebration, and love just makes me a happy person. 


So who is Mido?

My name is Mido and i’m here to take you on a journey with my photography. I grew up loving different scenery, traveled the world and developed a soft spot in my heart for photography. To me photography is about capturing those happy times, those natural dispositions, and then one day look back at it, and just let the good memories come rushing through! I hope you enjoy my pictures, and feel free to contact me if you have any inquiries.

Excellent photographer! Mido really understands the difficulty in positioning, lighting and the overall mood of a shot. Once locking down on all these factors, he executes brilliantly!

Taha Hussein

Marketer, Mao|Marketing

Please contact me for any bookings or inquiries.

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